Polarr, incredible online service for photo lovers

With all web applications that pass, I can assure you that I have tested photo editing services. Although they all have smaller, Polarr is well above the competition. It recently launched its open beta version, which applies advanced photo enthusiasts. Polarr provides tools and publishing high-level techniques with ease …polarr

You can edit the images you send via drag and drop. You can also browse through a directory of a Dropbox account. Subsequently, various tools are available: on the left side an edit box where you find filters. They can apply to your images in one click. You also have the ability to create your own styles.polarr-gauche

On the right tools and retract automatically appear to allow you a better view of your photo. The tools are well placed and to perform various basic editing tasks: black white watermark, contrast, exposure,,, saturation, distortion, etc.polarr-droite

When you have finished editing the image, you can download it to your computer, post it on the social network Facebook, or create an image gallery. Polarr accepts JPEG and PNG image files up to 30 megapixels.

Do you know Polarr? Do you find this service useful?

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