PowerPoint Presentation Design

The click of an slide in a presentation is designed to direct the attention of your listeners. What appears on the any given slide should be eye-catching, able to hold attention and complimentary to text and your speech. Some presenters miss the mark when they are trying to make a lasting impression on their listeners.

First, the purpose of a slide presentation is to emphasize or inform. Anyone who sees a slide presentation should be enlightened when the slide show is over. Most people retain what is colorful, easy reading and has pleasurable graphics.

One of the first mistakes presenters make is loading slides with too much text. Heavy reading is a task that people prefer to do alone. Too much text makes listeners bore easily. Text should be based on keywords, stay succinct and be large enough on the screen to be easily read.

One of the other common mistakes made in slide presentations is that slide creators miss the opportunity to tell a good story. That is really what most people are looking for when they prepare to take in new information. They want a story that connects them to the subject in a personal way.

Every slide should be an integral part of a larger story. Single slides should use the same colors and design choices, and every word should build toward a main concept. People are usually open to retain new information when they have a good story to take away with them. It is the presenter’s job to give them this story.

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