Pray Right

prayEvery body can pray. You pray every day for the good of your life and prevent bad. Praying will give you peace and help you solve your problem because God will hear your praying and show you the right way. prayer is stronger than anything and can make impossible become possible. However, your pray will help you if only you pray right.

To pray right you have to know which one is right and which one is not. People around you force you to believe this and that. You need to stand strongly and find the right on your own. Do not only listen to one person only. You also need to consider possibility. Everybody can show you the proof but sometime they only make it looks like the truth. You need to prove it yourself. If someone tells you this, do not say no immediately but think why they can say that and find the truth about it. Learning other will not weaken you but make you stronger with your faith since you prove that your faith is true.

Pray to God to show you the right way. Don’t be rushing on your prayer. Be patience, everything from God comes in the right time.

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