ProShow Web, create a video of your photos online

You return from vacation and you want to show your trip to your family. Of course, you want to stand out and not have your photos like everyone. And as you’re not the type to take your head, you need a simple, very simple tool you need! ProShow Web is an online service that allows you, without download or installation, create a video of your photos online …


ProShow Web, small tour

After a simple and free registration, you can use ProShow Web. Everything happens quickly enough as it of:

  • Click on “Create show”
  • Select a theme
  • Add photos, videos or titles: Clicking “Add content”, you can connect to Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox


For my part, I chose to import photos from my Instagram account. Thereafter, you can edit the photos and add music. For the latter option, you send your music directly on ProShow Web servers or you are using in their library. Once completed your settings, you confirm by clicking on “build video.”


The result is amazing quality! And like any good online service, ProShow Web offers to share your video on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and others.

The use of this tool is free, but is limited to a maximum of 15 photos! It’s little. To remove this limitation, you can opt for the paid subscription: $ 30 to $ 150 depending on options.

What do you think of ProShow Web? What online service do you use to create a video of your photos?

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