What NOT to Put on Your Cruise Ship Resume!

As you prepare your cruise ship resume, here are some tips to keep in mind. Resumes of the past used to list things like age, gender, marital status and hobbies. Today’s resumes should not.


For one, they take up a lot of valuable space at the top of your CV. You literally have SECONDS to grab a cruise line recruiter’s attention before they put your CV down and move onto the next one. Age, gender, marital status doesn’t compel them to read any further, and thus finding out what you’re applying for and what you can offer.

Secondly, irrelevant information can actually be harmful to your chances of getting hired. Regardless of whether it’s ‘legal’ or ‘fair’, an employer can form an instant opinion of you based on this information alone and then decide not to read any further.

For instance he/she may see your age and decide immediately that you’re too young (inexperienced) or too old (not fit/healthy enough) without even giving you a fair chance to prove yourself by reading the rest of your CV.

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