Put “Translator Widget” To Your Blog

Putting “translator widget” is very useful for your blog. This can be used when a visitor for foreign country find your blog and they don’t understand about your language. So, they can use this widget to translate into their own language. This widget is powered by Google and support most of language in the world (except animal language, hehehe), and the translation result are not bad as well. Want to put it into your blog? Follow this :

When you login to your blogger account, go to layout setting. Add a gadget to place HTML code below :


And the result will be like this :


Try it by test to your blog into any language. That’s easy, right?

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  1. Ali says:

    Oh gitu ya,, Sama lah Mbak,, Ngomong-ngomong Yuwie berbayar juga ya,, Cara kerjanya Gimana ?

  2. tejo says:

    will it appears just like yours?

  3. Orica says:

    NO, it’s just a regular translator. Mine is a custom.

  4. Blogger Jakarta says:

    great idea, so that visitors from abroad we can read any posts .. .. .. wah wah wah … I install deh .. thank to info Ms. Frelia. .^_^ Come to my blog yah. .see you

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