QSnap: Take a screenshoot of a site (+ editing and sharing)

As a blogger, I usually make many screen captures of websites. It supplies an article and it gives a quick overview of the site presented. I usually serve software (Gimp). If it is quick and simple, I found even better QSnap. This online service provides extensions for browsers. It allows you to make a screenshot of a website, edit and share …


QSnap is an extension for browsers. You can find on Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. After basic installation, you will find a shortcut in your browser. Click above to get two options: capture a window and capture an entire web page.

After taking your screenshot, you are automatically redirected to the editing table edge. Inside, you will find options for:

  • Annotate capture: rectangle, ellipse, arrow, text, caption …
  • Cut the image: crop tool
  • Blur the image
  • Add an existing file
  • Undo and redo options
  • Etc..

When editing your screen capture is complete, you can click the button at the bottom right “Share” to save or share your work.

qsnap-barre-outilsWhat tool do you use to make a screenshot? Do you know QSnap?

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