QuickTweet, easily manage multiple Twitter accounts on Chrome

For people like me who have multiple Twitter accounts, it’s a mess! Indeed, disconnect and reconnect with the right credentials takes a lot of time. Since the microblogging service still does not provide an option to multi-account management, we must turn to the side of the developers. Including the Chrome Web Store where you will find QuickTweet, an extension to easily manage multiple Twitter accounts on Chrome …


After basic installation of an extension on Chrome, you see a small icon is positioned at the top right of your screen. By clicking above, you enter the plugin options. It is very simple since you asked:

  • Name: whatever you want to appear when you click on the extension.
  • The identifier: email or Twitter username.
  • Password: there, I can do anything for you!

QuickTweet accepts up to 10 Twitter accounts. A final option box allows him to stay (or not) in the same tab you are working on.

QuickTweet is certainly a very good extension to increase productivity. I’ve had a few days and I can tell you that I can not do without! Come on, if you want to download it, it’s here: Chrome Web Store.

Do you use QuickTweet? How do you manage multiple Twitter accounts?

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