QuietThyme, create a free virtual library

I do not know about you, but I like to have a list of books I read. If I use an iPhone app for that, maybe I’ll find in QuietThyme over. This web platform allows you to keep your ebooks (electronic books) in the cloud. QuietThyme.com, or how to create a free virtual library


The idea behind the creation of QuietThyme is not crazy. It provides a simple environment where you can find all your ebooks online. Thus, purchases made on other platforms (eg Amazon) will be easily stored online.

QuietThyme addresses an audience of readers who like big hold their cataloged library. Indeed, the online service offers a multitude of sorts: data, ISBN, book title, year of publication, genre, etc..

QuietThyme offers a similar experience to a virtual library online. It can of course be accessed from any location or computer. Regarding the free account QuietThyme can store up to 100 eBooks. More than enough to start testing this service and get an idea!

Do you know QuietThyme? Do you classify your ebooks (electronic books)?

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