Respect Your Teacher!

Showing respect for every people is reflecting your own character. You are more likely to gain respect for yourself by showing it to others. I know you don’t always have to agree with a person, but you should show respect for everyone. It shows you have a good character, and will help them respect you as well. In this case, it shows most of your personality when you show respect on someone that you considered as “teacher”.

Suddenly I yearned to say this because I just remembered about someone who didn’t show respect to her friend who helped her to be a successful one. To be honest, I hate such typical person. With my current knowledge, I don’t want to fall in evil thoughts like envy, hatred, and greediness to betray my own “teacher”. I know the latent consequences because of that, I will lose all that s/he gave to me, just like her. Although I has been proven to be able to surprass him at final battle, I still loves him like my own brother. Thanks for everything, you gave me the reason to believe in you.

Thank you, sensei, thank you over and over. You filled my life with melody and lecture through a year. You helped me to find the sleeping courage inside my heart. I swear I will build a legacy even greater that yours.

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  1. Administrator Frelia says:

    I’m sorry for this “tulisan ngaco”.

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