Search Engine: 11 alternatives beside Google

Google is the absolute search engine in Indonesia and in many countries around the world. And let’s be honest, it still works very well. So why would you want to change? Primarily by personal motivation: global espionage use of your personal data … Well, leaving Google is almost seen as a militant act. But where to go? Small passage reviewing alternative search engineslogo-google

1. Bing

bing1This is the biggest competitor of Google. The search engine made in Microsoft built on the ruins of the old MSN Search, offers good search capabilities with an interface that is closer still the Mountain View giant. It is even faster when used with Internet Explorer. Note that in the new version of the operating system of Apple OSX 10.10 Yosemite due out this fall, is that Bing is the default in the new system Spotlight search.

2. Duck Duck Go

duckduckgoIt is the little engine that rises being openly anti-Google. Called the search engine that will not spy you, it does not retain any personal information. Duck Duck Go has recently acquired a new interface integrates a search system disambiguation (if you are looking for Orange, it will suggest categories to narrow your search – for example the Orange Revolution, the fruit, the color, the business …). It also provides targeted searches for recipes.

3. Million Short

millionshortConsequences of the fact that the results of research on the internet are becoming more standardized and users lose the opportunity to make real beautiful new discoveries. The recipe is simple: Million Short automatically removes the first 100, 1000, 10,000, 100,000 or 1 million results. Exit therefore the most popular results like facebook, linkedin, wikipedia, or about yelp, as sites “garages”.

4. Yahoo

yahooDifficult to miss from that Bing and Google is the third musketeer of research on the web. Organized as a portal, it offers enough classically search for images, news, maps … and for good reason, since most of the results provided by Bing, following an agreement signed in July 2009! Interest Yahoo lies in its overall editorial portal and numerous related services, such as Flickr to search for images.


5. Qwant

qwantFounded by French, interest Qwant is to provide you the search results organized by theme and large columns, including in particular a “social” dimension. There are several display modes possible, including one that resembles Pinterest with results displayed as blocks.



6. Startpage

startpageGoogle is not Google! This search engine uses the power and performance of Google but never send any personal information about yourself. Your queries are filtered Startpage anonymously and does not record IP addresses on its servers or install any cookie on your computer.



7. Yippy

yippyThis is the engine family research sanitizes all non profit “correct” results, understand by this, all explicit content related to pornography. Your children do not risk falling on indecent content by an innocent looking. Yahoo does not monitor or record your research and like others, is committed to respecting your privacy!



8. Ecosia

ecosiaFor ecological research and to keep a good conscience on the internet! Indeed, the search engine owned by a German social enterprise pays 80% of its revenues to a tree planting program in Brazil. Ecosia uses an algorithm house search results from Yahoo and Bing.



9. Pickanews

pickanewsIt is a search tool like “Google News” but the power is 10! Looking for information or an article in the news? While this cross-media search engine European allows you to find what you need from 50,000 media sources. Property Kantar Media, Pickanews allows you to find the desired article. Then you have to pay to get the item in question.



10. Photopin

photopinA search engine specializing in royalty-free right or commercial use. In fact, Photopin invents nothing, it merely exploit the results of filtering Flickr images can be used and the corresponding licenses. Practice to illustrate a blog or site.



11. Tineye

tineyeThis is an engine for picture search. The principle is simple: you have a photo on your computer and you do not know on which site you took? Just upload it in Tineye analyzing the characteristics of the image to view you or sites currently displayed image, without even looking at the meta data thereof. Awesome!

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