Seenive, watch the best videos of Vine

Earlier this year, Twitter proudly presents its new mobile application: Vine. His system is very simple: create short videos 6 seconds. Vine embeds a camera feature that allows him to record a video. Thereafter, it is shared and looping. Vine was a huge success. It is quite normal to see online services build on this celebrity. This is for example the case of Seenive that lets you watch the best videos of Vine …


Seenive is the kind of site where you can easily lose a day! Through its extensive menus, you bust with small video clips 6 seconds. Filters offer the best sort of videos:

Today: best video of the day.
Yesterday: best video of the previous day.
Last 7 days: best video of the week.
Last 30 days: best video of the month.

Down on the page, you will notice two new sorts: the videos and the most popular users Vine.

Surely Seenive has burnt me a day’s work!

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