Send Anywhere, send and share files from any computer, mobile and tablet

The mall is usually sufficient when it comes to share a file. Yet it sometimes happens to exceed the storage limit. In these cases, we must once again turn to the Web. Send Anywhere is a new online service that offers to send and share files from any computer, mobile and tabletsend-anywhere

Send Anywhere arrives with a bunch of apps you faliciter life: computer (Windows and Mac OS X), smartphone (Android, Windows Phone, iOS), or an extension for the Google Chrome browser.

Send Anywhere is very simple to use since you just drag the file to share in the “Send” box. Then pressing “Send File” and get a code. This combination of numbers used to your touch. Indeed, it just has to connect to the website and enter this code in the “Receive”.

send-anywhere-codeSend Anywhere provides quick and easy to share files between different devices and platforms means. No registration is required. A simple 6-digit combination combines live your devices with that of the acquirer. Send Anywhere allows you to share any type of files (photos, videos, documents, etc), any size and enjoy faster sharing and secure.

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