Send large files over the Internet: 5 free sites without registration

Online services file transfer is necessary when you reach the limit of your email. Subterfuges available via the Internet. You want to know how to send large files over the Internet? Here are 5 free storage sites without registration


1. JustBeamIt

JustBeamIt can transfer files directly to another person without connecting. Click the parachute on the main page to find a file (you can also drag – drop). When the file is loaded, click on “Create link”. Keep the window open and then share the link. The other person should only click on the download icon for the file. JustBeamIt is only gateway. It is a kind of P2P client online.
2. JetBytes

JetBytes is super fast to use. It is a sharing tool that allows you to send files directly online safely and fast. No registration required and no installation is necessary since everything is online. Click “Choose File” and then share the download link.
3. PipeBytes

PipeBytes a little archaic interface! It’s like on the old site of the 2000s, but it does what you ask him to send large files over the Internet! PipeBytes proposes sending file browser with no size limits browser. Music, movies, you can transfer all!
4. FilesToFriends

FilesToFriends looks uncannily WeTransfer (I did not want to mention because it is well known). The free version allows you to transfer up to 1GB files without registering. Instead of sharing a URL, enter your e-mail and those of your contacts. You can also include a message to the recipients.

Definitely the most beautiful site of this collection. is a Web service that provides neat interface to store files up to 250MB in size for 30 days. Drag and drop is present as well as extensions and applications for Gmail, Outlook, Twitter and iOS.
Which site do you use to send large files over the Internet?

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