Sex in the digital age: social networks accelerate sex!

Shape and Men’s Fitness magazines are lent to a study naughty! From the results, it seems that men and women communicate via social networking, instant messaging and SMS have sex much faster than the other …reseaux-sociaux-facebook-sexe

Sex and social networks

For the first time, the two famous magazines focused their annual survey on sex and the couple in the digital age. They found that 80% of women admit to having sex more quickly since the arrival of social networks. According to them, it is easier to stay connected.

For their part, 58% of men surveyed said that flirting on Facebook, via SMS or a cat helps “wrap” women faster.

Sex in the Digital Age

The study focused on 1,200 men and women. Other interesting facts are noted as:

  • Smartphones and laptops are the tools that help you to have intimate encounters much faster.
  • SMS is the most used method to stay in touch. The men are now sending text messages 39% more compared to phone calls.
  • 70% of women against 63% of men use the Internet to see if they can find an intimate relationship.
  • 65% of the mentioned participants obtained an appointment through SMS. 49% did so with Facebook messages.
  • 72% of women check the Facebook account of the former partners of their new boyfriend.
  • 81% of respondents say they do not eliminate the Facebook of their former partners … because they think they can still be “friends”.

And what will happen if the person receives a call or SMS during sex? 5% of respondents admit they throw a glance on the phone and 1% say they respond !!!

We must now move with the times. No more bouquets of flowers and other dining out. Today, one can flirt SMS, Skype, instant messaging or Facebook. Choose your weapon of seduction!

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