Simplenote: Online Notes Manager – Free Alternative to Evernote

Internet offers incredible tools. Personally, I like to use different services taking notes. If Google Drive is my main tool, I also use Evernote. However, other sites offers to manage your online note. This is for example the case with Simplenote, a nice free alternative to Evernotesimplenote

Online notes manager are sometimes gasworks. They forget the main thing: simplicity. This is not the case Simplenote as it delivers a clean tool and an attractive design. Initially designed for smartphones on iOS, SimpleNote is now available on Android, Mac and Kindle.

Characteristics of Simplenote

  • Use Simplenote everywhere: your notes are up to date on all your devices.
  • Stay organized: find your notes quickly with instant search and labels.
  • Work together: Share a list, post instructions, or post your thoughts.
  • Back in time: your notes are saved when you change them. Just drag the cursor to a previous version to
  • go back in time (a kind of integrated service TimeMachine).
  • Instant Search: enter your query and a list of notes is updated instantly.
  • Free: backup, synchronization, sharing, everything is completely free!

You can see, Simplenote is not a regular service line. It was under the hood and has existed for several years. Besides, Simplenote was acquired in January 2013 by Automattic. Name necessarily mean anything to you because they are the ones who develop the engine of WordPress blogs!

Do you know Simplenote? What notes manager do you use?

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