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With temperatures in recent days, it’s time for long winter evenings under the duvet to watch movies! The problem is to have a good list of movies to watch. Internet can nowadays find everything and anything. Today, I offer you my latest discovery: What Should I Watch Now, a site that allows you to get ideas from watching movies in one click …


How’s it going on What Should I Watch Now?

Let’s take an example to understand the system . Once you arrive at the site , you enter the title of your movie in the search bar . You press the “Enter” key on your keyboard and you are with a few new films to watch !

I tried with the movie ” Inception” . What Should I Watch Now offered me :

  •     Matrix
  •     The Matrix Revolutions
  •     source Code
  •     The Dark Knight Rises
  •     Memento
  •     Deja vu
  •     Minority Report
  •     total Recall
  •     The agency

Well, the thing is, I ‘ve seen the other 9 . But must admit that the style of these films alike.

What Should I Watch Now is a comprehensive website since Move your mouse over the movie poster , you can have similar movies, twitter film and be redirected to the page IMDB , a film based on Internet data .

PS : If you do not know the title of the film in English , go to Allocine , this site on each card reveals the title of a movie.

Have you tested What Should I Watch Now? What do you think of this new system?

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