Social Analytics, a Chrome extension for your statistics of social networks

The fans of social networks are always looking for any number of interest. Take the example of a Community Manager. He must constantly check that the promotion of its brand is doing well. Today I will make your life easier by integrating a tool directly into the Chrome browser: Social Analyticssocial-analytics

Social Analytics is an extension for the Google browser. It adds a button that you have all the statistics shared on social networks. Facebook (Like, comments, shares, clicks), Twitter (tweets, retweets), Delicious (bookmarks), Google+ (1) LinkedIn (shares) (clicks), StumbleUpon (views) and Pinterest (pines).

Another option appears when you search on Google. A yellow icon moves to the right of the search engine. Through this, you can discover all the statistics of the page in a single view. No need to click on the URL to not know the

Social Analytics is a must for all those who spend time analyzing their statistics. This extension gives you results quickly and without any connection to your accounts.

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