Soundsgood, the best of the Web Playlists

It’s not easy to find a free site offering huge playlists. There are good references (I am thinking particularly Blitzr or these legal alternatives to Grooveshark 12), but it’s not there yet. However, Soundsgood may well make a difference. This free online service provides (in my opinion) the best of the Web Playlists


Soundsgood, musical discovery!

Connected to all platforms of streaming, Soundsgood is the new music discovery service to listen to the finest playlists of influencers. By “influencers”, I hear DJs, artists, media and music lovers with eclectic tastes. You can also find on every page curators.soundsgood-interface

Soundsgood brings together the finest playlists. You can search by categories, genres, or through a search bar. When you find a playlist that you like, you can share or add it to your collection by clicking on the little heart. Soon it will be even possible to buy the securities directly on a platform like iTunes, Amazon or Fnac.

Emotion, passion, inspiration, that perfectly summarizes Soundsgood!

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