Spotify: new version approach with a darker interface

Spotify is running continuously at home, between 7 and 21h . It is possible that it goes well for you. If this is the case, then might as well say that this is your day. Why ? Just because its publisher is rolling out a new version of its various clients, a new expected on Windows, OS X and Android in minutes or hours that come release. All with a significant improvement is the integration of a new darker than the previous interface you ‘ll discover now and a little further down in the article interface.

Spotify has always benefited from careful indeed interface, but this has not changed for a while. The arrival of this new version is a good thing , even if it is not necessarily to everyone’s taste . For indeed, for once, the team in charge of the project opted for very dark colors and an atmosphere so “flat design”. I must say that it is very fashionable at the moment.

spotify-blackBe careful though because if you believe what is rumored on some sites allowed, this new interface concerns only heavy clients, and therefore applications developed for Windows and OS X. On Android, things are a little different. If the navigation system turns black, it does not hold true for the content of playlists which themselves are always displayed on white background. However, different gradients have bowed out in favor of more solid colors. Some love it, others less so, in my case I admit that I am pleasantly surprised by these changes.

Home, the OS X client has not been updated. If you can enjoy this new version of your hand, do not hesitate to post a brief comment following this article. Oh, and if you can swing a little more catch, it would be really great.


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