, a music player like audio cassette

Young people today have not experienced the great time of the audio cassette. The days when you had to rewind or fast forward to find the right song title! Fortunately, technology advances and the “K7” are just a memory (good for me). will take you back in the 80s Site Stayed Up All Night is a Web service from which you can create music playlists. It has a very particular specialty reader resembles an audio cassettesuan-fm

The first thing that jumps out is this great audio cassette which is at the center of your browser. It can be changed by simply clicking by selecting from the list below. Then you can choose the “Decorate” option from the menu. This has the effect of opening up new tools for customizing your cassette. You can add stickers, drawings or text.

Of course, the most important button is “Add music”. With this option, you open a new window to write the name of a song or artist name.

Finally, there is an option to share your playlist across social networks: Facebook, Twitter, email, or a shortened link.

Although you can create lists without an account, it is better to connect through your Facebook or Google account. You can store your favorite music every connection on the Suan site.

For the anecdote, did you know that in early 2013, some artists like Daft Punk Archive groups and wanted out their albums in cassette audio format? The French group Daft Punk published his latest album Random Access Memories on tape but only for the promotion of the album!

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