Success Foundation in My Thought

What are you looking for in your life? How can you achieve them all with your own hand in your business? What kind of business do you want to build and develop? Why? What’s your motivation for keep alive? Too many questions? I believe that you must be have a core values, the most important thing in your life destination.

Honestly, first time when I knew about online business, I didn’t know any of the above answer. I had a blurry image of someone successful, but I didn’t know how to start it. I searched as many tips and guide that scattered in internet as I could which sometimes was a challenge as I was a senior high school student.

So what I need to do to build a solid foundation for my business with ME as my own BOSS?

First of all, I must decide what kind of business I want to run. When it has decided, I need someone to train me the basics and explain the skills I need to develop. In this case, my Sensei has an important role in my premier development.

As I am a student, some books is also become my reference. There, I got some useful information instead Sensei’s guidance. I also use recordable devices to record my feelings, my passions, dreams and goals. EXPECT all of my desires to come true. Then I put in the activity – be under no illusion, this is a busy business. I need to talk to people every day!

At last, I only give it for one year to build. I will never give up, I will never quit although I have some bad experiences. No problem, it’s just a part of life. Embrace personal development and face my inner fear, antiexy.

Expect to change and know that change can be painful but that it is always worth it. My experience is that people who really and truly embrace the above, reap more rewards and benefits at the end, in all areas of their life than they could have hoped for.

DECIDE – what kind of business you want
EMBRACE – personal development and expect your life to change
BELIEVE – Just believe in yourself, “I can do it.”
STICK-TO-IT! – Be strong. I gave it one year.

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  1. Artikel Kehidupan says:

    Sip… a young woman who have a great planning in her life, I hope you'll be a great woman someday.

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