Summer Vacation At The Beach

Summer is coming, let’s get some fun by take a vacation at the beach. There, we will enjoy the beach panorama, some beach beverages like nata de coco, and the gentle wind that flowing through us. When you go to the beach, don’t forget to bring sun protection to protect your skin from being black because of the sunlight. That’s very important to put it on your skin while basked with beach sunlight directly. Why? The greatest danger lurking along beaches and swimming pools is ultra violet rays from the sun and only few people who realized this thing. So, I suggest you to put suntan lotion to make sure any skin exposed by swimwear is protected against the strong sunshine.

I am now thinking if I should bring a swimwear for my vacation to the beach. It has really been awhile since I bought myself a swimwear, as I usually prefer to wear shorts and simple tops when going to the beach. However, the last time that I went to the beach with my family, I saw some really nice swimwear worn by women and they really looked good in them. So, why not to wear it for myself? Beautiful body is must cover with supported clothes. Make sure you choose clothes that fit for you. For example, a swimwear with light colors will give you the large impression, fit for you with small breast XD. In addition, the bright colors will make you feel cool because this color does not absorb heat of the sun like the dark color.

Women should choose clothing to look good in the summer – on the beach and by the pool at night. Well, I hope this article could be helped for you. Enjoy your summer holiday, friend. Don’t forget to bring me some souvenirs or coconuts. Hihihi……

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