Surfly, a free online service to surf more on the Internet

Even if for you internet looks simple, for others it is probably not the same thing! Learn how to create a mail, sign up on social networks, use of websites, some people can block. In these cases, it is sufficient to find a generous person to give a lil hand. But instead make it move, there are now tools on the Internet. This is the case of Surfly, a free online service that allows you to surf the Internet more …


Surfly is a nice and easy to handle tool. After a quick and free registration, you can use the Web service. To do this, nothing could be simpler! You specify the address of the site to present to your friends and copy the link sharing. You send this link to your touch and voila! Now you’re in control.

One negative point is worth noting. Surfly offers no option to share the link. Ie once the copied link is up to you to open your mailbox and social networks on which you want to send the link. A small built-in option Surfly was smarter!

Anyway, Surfly is a free online service that can enable you to help many people.

Do you know Surfly? Do you use this kind of service?

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