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5 free online services to record a video screen (Screencast)

If you want to get into the “screencast“, or video recording of a screen, then you need the right tools. For a professional, better from paying side with good software is. On Windows, you have the excellent Camtasia Studio 7, while on the Mac, you must have the ScreenFlow (personally, this is the one I […]

The things you do not know (probably) on Wikipedia

The largest collaborative encyclopedia in the world hides many secrets. Did you know for example that Wikipedia had more than 25 million articles in 284 different languages? Also, there are about 40 million registered users and 4,500 administrators. The main languages ​​are English, German, French and Dutch. Gentlemen, open shirt and brush your chest hair […]

Design Door and Windows for New House

When you decide to married and live as couple with your lover, then having a new house will be your big project. New house is not cheap and it needs a huge effort, in terms of financial and also working efforts. But, that is not a big mater if you really want to live in […]

WordPress: Should we choose a premium theme?

Our favorite blogging tool WordPress can have so-called pay issues. That is to say, it is possible to have many complete themes for a few euros, or a few dollars. Some are rather favorable to this process, others do not. Paid themes are sometimes more complete than others, but it is also possible to find […]

Give a Great Gift with Bearington bears

A great gift should be unique but clear in delivering the message of the people who gives the gifts. Fortunately, makes it easier for consumers to find such gifts easier. At least, the intuitive naming system of the products makes it easier for the customers to find the most appropriate gifts for the target […]

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