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5 reasons to practice Guest Blogging

The guest articles are perfect for a young beginner blogger. Just landed in the Internet arena, it is faced with a big problem: how to find my blog? While some solutions exist to create fitted audience, there is one that I have not found equivalent: Guest article (also called Guest Blogging). To prove the benefits […]

10 creative ways to thank a blogger

Respect, courtesy, relationship, sharing, are key words for success in the blogosphere. Also, thank occasionally bloggers is used to adapt all. But instead of a simple “thank you”, I will share my 10 original ways to thank a blogger …

Please ReTweet: 10 tips to blow up Tweets on Twitter

Twitter is an ultimate weapon. Popular politicians, often misused by celebrities, it is a great tool for bloggers. There are a few basic tips that will help you get more retweets. Simple tips that seem logical, but often forgotten by the community. Here are 10 tips to explode retweets on Twitter …

5 resources to create a free website

Small businesses, artists or some bloggers can sometimes not spend time creating a website. That is why, while browsing where you need it, you can find support for the creation of site. Ease, simplicity and speed are the hallmarks of this kind of resources. You will see that in just 5 minutes, you will create […]

10 IMPORTANT things you too often forgotten as a blogger

Although no one has yet found the magic solution to the first position in the search engines, however, there are some tips that, when implemented, allow you to stand out. Yet I know that some bloggers (which you may read me) sometimes forget the basics. This is not a magic potion, it was written simply […]

7 signs that prove you’re not a good blogger

Why do I feel like I’m getting hit on the head with this article title? As I already see some come with their large hooves, I prefer to make things clear from the start: No, I’m not one to say that you’re a bad blogger. No, I do not consider myself a good blogger! Now […]

7 tricks to attract 100,000 visitors per month on a blog

Here are 7 tricks to attract 100,000 visitors per month on a blog. Enjoy the reading.

5 golden rules for success with a blog

The success of a blog is the result of several months of work. In this article, I will not give you a recipe, I just share with you a little bit of my experience. Some keys that you will undoubtedly embrace success. For you to be creative and shake a little luck. Your blog is […]

5 misconceptions of apprentice blogger

Many bloggers have landed in recent years. However, most of them came with a slightly distorted reality. They were likely to fall into the trap of “easy blogging.” Blame it on a lot of quacks who hang and make you swallow everything and anything (I gained $ 500 000 with my blog … It reminds […]

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