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Basic Learn About HTML

A web/blog will not separated with an element called HTML (Hyper Text Mark Up), because the HTML is definetly blog elements. ALthough you can make a post just by clicking and choosing quick-menu, at least you must be understand about HTMl basically. This time, I want you to learn some important codes, tags, and much […]

Migrating from Blogger to WordPress without losing the Google Page Rank

The goal: Your blog is hosted by the platform Blogger, but you now want to move this blog to WordPress with a personal domain name as The problem: provides an option to automatically import all your old posts and comments from Blogger in your new WordPress blog but there are some major […]

Setting Custom Domain On Blogspot

Finally, this blog is no longer as Blogspot. It hosted to my own domain now. As you can see, the URL of this blog is, not anymore. That’s so cool, I think. Having a blog with our own top domain (without blogspot, wordpress, multiply, livejournal, ect…) will make our blog seems elite and […]

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