Posts Tagged ‘Dashboard’, a complementary online service to Twitter

If you use Twitter and want to have a tool that allows you to filter out the relevant content published on the social network, you can use This online service allows you to locate the right information at the right time. A nice complementary online service to Twitter …

Setting Blogger Custom Domain Using Namecheap

As you’re all know, this blog is no longer using Blogspot domain. It’s directly Sorry, I don’t mean to be narcist, but that’s my own domain *digampar*. Yesterday, one of my friend who want to make her own domain name asked me how to setup from Blogspot to .com using namecheap. She bought a […]

Setting Custom Domain On Blogspot

Finally, this blog is no longer as Blogspot. It hosted to my own domain now. As you can see, the URL of this blog is, not anymore. That’s so cool, I think. Having a blog with our own top domain (without blogspot, wordpress, multiply, livejournal, ect…) will make our blog seems elite and […]

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