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How to improve your social presence in 30 minutes a day

Social networks you take much of your time in a day. If you are looking to improve your social presence, then you know it must spend minutes or hours. Yet, properly plan your day, you could certainly spend a few minutes. The infographic below shows just a few tips to improve your social presence in […]

6 tips for Successful Living

Do some stretching. Earlier today, getting out of bed. Do some stretching for two to five minutes to help your balance for an enjoyable life. During stretching, feel your body recharges energy and you think back to all the goals you set for an enjoyable life. Breathe deeply. During this exercise daily early morning, breathe […]

If you think about suicide

If you feel suicidal, stop to read what follows. It will only take you five minutes. I do not want to dissuade you from the reality of your pain. I do not speak here as someone who knows what suffering means. I do not know who you are or why you read this page. I […]

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