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MultCloud, manage online storage services (Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive …)

Storage services online are now more numerous. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. This is probably why you have several … like me! This is frankly not easy to switch from one service to another. That is why MultCloud will centralize your data to manage your services online storage …

5 tips for more “views” on YouTube

For more than a year and a half, I often publish video tutorials on Youtube. The experience is really rewarding and I have very good returns. The tutorials cover various topics such as WordPress, social networks, or the Internet in general. For maximum impact, I try to optimize my presence on platforms for sharing videos. […]

5 reasons to practice Guest Blogging

The guest articles are perfect for a young beginner blogger. Just landed in the Internet arena, it is faced with a big problem: how to find my blog? While some solutions exist to create fitted audience, there is one that I have not found equivalent: Guest article (also called Guest Blogging). To prove the benefits […]

CloudConvert, the best free online service to convert a file

Like everyone else, you get some time to convert a file. The problem is that you never know what tool to! And as you do not want to install 50 software, it is best to move again towards the internet. With over 140 different formats, I invite you to discover CloudConvert, the best free online […], for the latest technology news

To be informed of the latest News High Tech fashion, there are not 50 solutions. Either you subscribe to all the blogs that talk about this topic, or you visit them one by one. Another option is to see the day. This is that lets you know the latest technology news …

10 Tips to do when changing WordPress theme

Well, you may have noticed, literally changed up! New theme, new logo, this situation can quickly turn into a nightmare. So, here are 10 tips to make when changing WordPress theme …

11 tips to make your blog caressed by Google in the right direction of hair growth

Having a blog is a great thing. Say you write for your readers is a stunning experience. For my part, I wonder still be present on the Web. Blogging has become a real pleasure for me. And even if I took a spanking on my traffic by Granpa Google, I used to try anything to […]

13 tips to make 2014 your best year of blogging

Beginning of each year brings new resolutions. We take to be like everyone else, and they never take … like everyone else too! With 2014 coming around the corner, it’s time to make a big decision and stick to it: make 2014 your best year of blogging! To help you, here are 13 tips …

The best and worst moments to post on social networks

Your social strategy should go through a thorough study of the best hours of publication on social networks. You will find in this infographic below the best and worst times to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. Of course, these statistics are based on all internet users, and not on your target audience. […]

What rating would you get for social networks test?

A blog is nothing without its paraphernalia of social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the rest must of course be part of your social strategy. Just to see where you are with social networking, I invite you to test Cool Social, a free site that lets you reveal your social presence …

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