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My Thought About Portugal Vacation

Do you know about a country named Portugal? Yeah, if you are football mania, the first name you remember about this country is Cristiano Ronaldo, a famous footballer who will compete with MU. Hahaha, actually I don’t have interest about football, but other side of Portugal could be interesting for me and for everyone. Beside […]

The Importance of Exit Sign

Our daily life always related with modern science and technology that has developed nowadays. They has brought a lot of new tools and gadgets to used in our daily lives. Whenever you are in, there always influenced by technology. For an example, when I get lost in a supermarket, I just helped to find the […]

Another Part Of Myself

Finally, I’ve got an idea about how to get quick page rank from my own blog. When I see that my blog’s page rank in Blogspot form still remaining, I have a plan to separate two personality between my original blog and it’s custom domain. What I’ve got was nice. A blogspot domain with pagerank […]

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