Posts Tagged ‘People’, a complementary online service to Twitter

If you use Twitter and want to have a tool that allows you to filter out the relevant content published on the social network, you can use This online service allows you to locate the right information at the right time. A nice complementary online service to Twitter …

5 accounts which must be followed on Instagram

You have probably noticed, I share my little daily through photos posted on my Instagram account. My daily activities can be found here via the iPhone app. I landed on this social network but has everything to adopt a few seconds. I like to find interesting and creative people. Here are 5 accounts which worth […]

5 tips for writing a perfect content on your blog

As a blogger, your readers will not give you a choice: you must write impeccable content on your blog. Easy to say but not so easy to do! And yet, if you write crap (and here I remain polite), you get nothing in return. Comments, visitors, respect, you will attract anything like that. However, you […]

How to say “Dislikes” on Facebook

On Facebook, you can add a comment or say “I like” on a link, a photo, a video or a change in status of one of your friends. Also, you certainly came to mean “I dislike” but oddly, Facebook does not offer this option yet. With the Facebook Dislike 1.0.1 extension for Firefox, you will […]

12 surprising statistics on Facebook

Facebook is the social network of all records. With more than 1.15 billion users, we owe him respect! 12 figures and statistics that I will present below are from August 2013. And they are surprising to say the least …

5 tips for (slightly) get more comments on your blog

A blog without comments is like a cheese without a good wine (or a starless night for poets) is bland! Over time, I realize that it is increasingly hard to get people who comment. Of course there are reasons for this: social networks or days “overbooked” as excuses to leave the impression of having a […]

7 tricks to attract 100,000 visitors per month on a blog

Here are 7 tricks to attract 100,000 visitors per month on a blog. Enjoy the reading.

Have Problems in Academic? Solve It Soon with

Going to the education is a must thing and it almost happens in everybody life, people should know that there are various subjects that they should learn and pass when they want to change their level that is moving to the higher level one. Facing difficulties is a common fact that can be met by […]

Earring’s Role In People’s Life

We have never known that there are many fun stories about the costume earrings. We have never considered that the modern fashionable young are willing to accept the punishment on their bodies to pierce their earlobes, noses, eyebrows, tongues, lips, navels and any part of their bodies that can pierce the ornaments. The only wish […]

Page Rank Lost

I realized that today I lost my pagerank on this blog. I felt like ‘struck by lightning’ when I knew it. I thought it will be okay since I run this blog since March. I am a little puzzled as to why this might have happened. It would seem that I am being penalized for […]

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