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Flickr: new to export photos via a EMBED player

Flickr has long been an industry leader , but the service must now face competition increasingly fierce, and the emergence of a number of competing platforms. So he had to react and that is precisely what led him to launch in May a new purest nicer version and that showcases pictures . A new version […]

5 tips for more “views” on YouTube

For more than a year and a half, I often publish video tutorials on Youtube. The experience is really rewarding and I have very good returns. The tutorials cover various topics such as WordPress, social networks, or the Internet in general. For maximum impact, I try to optimize my presence on platforms for sharing videos. […]

Facebook: add 4000 pictures per second!

Facebook is definitely the social network of all records. Not content with being the largest social network in terms of users (over 1.15 billion), Facebook is one of the biggest platforms for photo sharing. There are some days, Facebook has revealed a white paper in which he revealed some staggering about his own site numbers. […]

5 free online services to record a video screen (Screencast)

If you want to get into the “screencast“, or video recording of a screen, then you need the right tools. For a professional, better from paying side with good software is. On Windows, you have the excellent Camtasia Studio 7, while on the Mac, you must have the ScreenFlow (personally, this is the one I […]

Facebook Application for mobile spy text messages

According to a survey published Sunday by The Sunday Times, Facebook would have access to personal text messages from users, through its smartphone app. The social network would admit after the fact, stating that the data intrusion belongs to a study for the launch of its own mobile messaging service. A spokesman said that the […]

Your blog is drowning! Here are 6 tips to avoid sinking like the Titanic

Stalled? You have opened a blog and you’re not sure how to do it? Do not panic, take a deep breath, Relax yourself, it’ll be okay! Here are 6 tips to not fail in blogging …

What is the best Internet browser for your needs?

Chrome is the fastest browser on the Mac. IE 9 and 10 are the fastest on Windows. Chrome still ahead of its competitors on laptops and desktops. Blackberry and Opera Mini are the fastest on mobile devices. See also the results of the most used on various platforms through this infographic browsers …

Cues – pool cues to the best buy for a good look

What you need to understand that they have their own Joss Pool Cues is the best way to learn the game in less time. First among cues are they can get an idea on the handle, the weight and size of the signal? The most important thing, before it is for the purchase of the […]

Choose between Blogger and WordPress

The main question when starting a blog is what platform to choose. Some choose to go directly to a paid hosting to their domain name, but solutions are free for those who do not want to bother with technicalities. Blogging at platform is the most used due to its strength, and many stars […]

How to synchronize Twitter to FeedBurner

FeedBurner is a service management RSS bought by Google in 2007. It must be one of the best management tools and not for nothing that he has become the perfect companion for all bloggers. With many options (that we do certainly not enough) who are his strength, he is back today with a new feature: […]

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