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What rating would you get for social networks test?

A blog is nothing without its paraphernalia of social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the rest must of course be part of your social strategy. Just to see where you are with social networking, I invite you to test Cool Social, a free site that lets you reveal your social presence …

What is the best cache plugin for WordPress?

Old but gold! Your blog becomes slower, it is a fact. And since Google takes into account the loading speed of your site in the ranking of results you are looking for any little trick to reduce the loading time. A combination is to install a cache plugin saving queries, and increase display speed. Problem, […]

Drive Your Alexa By Entrecard

Using Entrecard for driving Alexa rank is one of the most effective way for me. By register your blog and put Entrecard widget on mt blog, I got my new blog’s Alexa rank that previously about 9 millions was changed to 900.000 in 3 days. Wow, so effective and efficient I think. Thus, nothing is […]

Page Rank Update

I know that I have been late to know about this. Several days ago, I noticed about Google page rank update. I checked my blog and Google have mercy to grant me page rank 2. Thanks God, finally I got my blog ranked after some post I wrote. Some of my friend’s blog have increased […]

Put Social Bookmarking Widget On Your Blog

There’s no doubt that social bookmarking is very important for increase traffic and enhance your blog/website status. By submitting our blog to some social bookmarking sites, we can have the chance to promote our article and possibility that more people know about our blog from those social bookmarks. We can also get free backlink from […]

Fave Me On Technorati

There so many ways that bloggers can do to increase their blog status instead post more articles and keep it updated such as blogwalking, link exchange, and giving comments at another blogs. The main purpose of these ways is for increase traffic and page rank. For those who wants to monetize their blog, of course […]

Put “Translator Widget” To Your Blog

Putting “translator widget” is very useful for your blog. This can be used when a visitor for foreign country find your blog and they don’t understand about your language. So, they can use this widget to translate into their own language. This widget is powered by Google and support most of language in the world […]

Make “Recent Comments” Widget For Your Blog

To put “recent comments” widget is used for make your visitors know about anyone who has given us a comment in one of our blog post. You can put this widget at your blog main page. This is the code for it : <script style=”text/javascript” src=””></script><script style=”text/javascript”>var a_rc=8;var m_rc=false;var n_rc=true;var o_rc=40;</script><script src=””> </script> The 8 […]

How To Add Icon (Favicon) for You Blog

If you noticed at your tab browser and there is a small icon at left-side of the browser, that’s called favicon. Just like this screenshot that snap my own blog. Maybe my icon is bad, but that is it. If you using blogspot, your icon must be Blogspot icon because you are about using they […]

Adding “Recent Post” Via RSS Feed

Every visitors of your blog always yearn about your blog update. It can be about more information, tips and tricks you posted. You’re so lucky if you have some loyal visitors. The newest information that the visitors looiking for can be found at “Recent Post” widget. To put this widget to your blog, we can […]

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