Tame.it, a complementary online service to Twitter

If you use Twitter and want to have a tool that allows you to filter out the relevant content published on the social network, you can use Tame.it. This online service allows you to locate the right information at the right time. A nice complementary online service to Twitter


Tame.it is a new free online service. Through a simple dashboard, it organizes the content of Twitter to discern relevant things. So you can find 3 large inserts:

  • Links: URLs that are shared
  • Topics: Hashtags are used
  • People: users who are mentioned


Just above, you can adjust the results of your feed. A small bar to sort by hours and days. Tame.it also offers a free search engine where you can find specific content on very specific topics, people, or any other information.

Tame.it presents itself as a complementary tool to Twittter. For people who seek rapid current activity on the microblogging service.

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