The folly of pocky

Pocky is the equivalent of Mikado for European people! These are very fine sticks usually covered with chocolate or strawberry, hazelnut … It’s very famous in Japan, the Mikado at French. Today, I wanted to tell you about the Deco Den on Pocky is a kind of food DecoDen. The Japanese Pocky decorate with glitter sugar, over-layers of chocolate, sugar, strawberries, hearts

Here is a picture a little tutorial to make a Deco Den of Poky, pulled straight from the Japanese official website:

All that, it also gives me ideas for making jewelry lovers. Jewelry lovers of Poky, here’s a good idea for a future challenge!

For Indonesians, you can find Pocky in any supermarket, ie Hypermart, Gelael, etc XD. There are many shop that you’ll love, where you can find many food products as well as Japanese or Korean. And if you go there at lunch time, do not hesitate to eat in a restaurant called “Sudoku Japanese Cuisine”. Excellent and true!

The official website of Pocky:

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