The Importance of Exit Sign

Nowadays, there are many big buildings in the world, for example: Grand Indonesia and Mall of Indonesia. These buildings have more than ten floors also with LG( Lower Ground) and Basement. With This, The percentage to be lost in those building is very high. In this case, We need some EXIT SIGNS to make out our way to get out of those building. Because of this, exit signs is very IMPORTANT! We usually forget the importance of this exit signs. When there is emergency, like the building is on fire or something like that, we must be on Panic, What must we do in that situation? Of course The emergency lighting! If there are no exit signs, we will be on fire too…

Because of that, this exit signs is put everywhere, especially in big buildings, for example: Hotel, Mall, Restaurant,Hospitals, Cinema, and also Theater. This indicates Humans in the world still value their lives!
In this modern times, technology has grown very fast. So there are many kinds of this Exit signs!For example: braille exit signs (This kind of Exit signs will help those who are blind), Emergency Lights in the exit signs (This kind of Exit signs will be much help if there are corsleting with in the building and the lights is of)

So I guess this information will definitely help people over any important functions or areas to at least find out the kind of Exit Sign, which they should install to the exit areas so that people wandering around may find their way out.

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