The Importance of Exit Sign

Our daily life always related with modern science and technology that has developed nowadays. They has brought a lot of new tools and gadgets to used in our daily lives. Whenever you are in, there always influenced by technology. For an example, when I get lost in a supermarket, I just helped to find the exit by looking look at Exit Signs above the door, yep, that means I just found the exit. Hahaha, how can I get lost in a large supermarket because of my intention to buy some pockies? That’s a simple explanation because it also related with advanced technology. At that moment, I gained the experience and mostly importance of an Exit Sign.

Putting an exit sign on every building has an importance in many countries, especially you’ll meet it at shopping place, hospitals, movie theater, offices, and more. May be that mean in the case of an emergency, all visitors comply with the instructions will orderly direction arrow of Self Luminous Exit Signs (if the situation in the electricity down). That does not collide against each other going flow. In addition, many companies have used various techniques take from modern technology to create a newly designed, decorative, and effective exit signs and other emergency lighting products. For example, Photoluminescent Exit Signs works by absorbing the light from the surroundings and slowly re-emitted. So useful in emergency situation. Usually, they has green color (in color scheme, green means allowed an red means prohibited).

So I guess this information will definitely help people over any important functions or areas to at least find out the kind of Exit Sign, which they should install to the exit areas so that people wandering around may find their way out.

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  1. Tina says:

    i know where would we be without our modern day things!? i would have hated to have lived about 80 years back!

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