The journalist is it better than the blogger?

It’s an endless debate, so why not give a layer? What is the role of bloggers in the world of information? Is it more believable that a reporter? I would say yes in some cases. The blogger and the journalist have the passion of the information in all its forms. But the reporter is forced to comply with the rules as the blogger may even take up arms if necessary.

I also think that passion is more important than the blogger. In fact, it follows the same steps as the journalist, he interviews, he keeps and his research. So why some bloggers are so respected, while others are routinely derided by journalists. The problem is the authority that emanates from the person, because as a citizen you have the right to express yourself as you see fit, but others do not have to listen. In fact, most bloggers are talking in a vacuum unless they had the bright idea to build a community around their blogs.

It stuns us all day that content is king, but I’m not quite agree. Content can be used to increase the popularity, but the stars do not need to create good content, because they are based solely on their signatures. The journalist believes it is in an ivory tower, and nobody can dispute his comments. And even if everything is trumpeting to accept criticism, we can say that the bear badly. I think they have preserved their attitudes to mainstream media, and they do not accept that they can be put in doubt. Watch the news sites that abound on the Web that publish dozens of articles a day, and look how many comments … 0 would be the average for most, and when there is someone who says they do not even bother to interact.

Bloggers are not all nice, and there are real bastards who think only of profit goals. Monetization is one thing, but independence is another. When I think of all those bloggers who merely rewrite press releases from major companies, I want to laugh! Since then, they say that the web is going badly because they have no readers. They fall into the same trap that the journalist basic no added value. Take this test, look at the news of the AFP and compare with the news of Wikio, you’ll see virtually the same items.

Journalism should challenge, but in the sense that it has a competitor in the person of the blogger. He likes it or not, it is. It must take into account that people are tired of the mainstream media whose only quality is to write as quickly as possible. In fact, journalists know very well the value of a blog, so many of them have one. But I know few bloggers who have created an information site …

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  1. Carrie says:

    I am a blogger, my husband is a blogger and we do enjoy our blogging. He is very good, and have a good following group of people who blog also.
    I believe that blogging is very beneficial to everyone.
    I know that when I write it comes from experience and views. Its everyday
    Journalist tells the half truth, and they sugar coat things, or they tell us all the bad.
    You can not turn on the TV without hearing all the bad news the first 10 minutes.
    A blogger can tell us their views, their experiences and its not all bad.

    I think we all need to share more good news than the bad.

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