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One day while I was bored, I started to read my first articles on blogging, and I was surprised by the innocence of their content. This allows me to understand its course in blogging over the long term we will be successful or not. My first articles were just paved with large text without any formatting, and can say it was the reflection in a pure state. Over time, progress is made in writing and its appearance, it compared to look like other blogs, we inspire others, and is a permanent enrichment.

However, I think time to time, we should take the time what we have done or not. If it has reached its goal if we want to continue or not, etc.. I realize that I was very naive in the tone of my first articles, and I was afraid to speak. I did not want to offend anyone, and we can say that this has changed since …

I think that beginners have a similar story to the extent they were prior to passive readers become producers. They should take their brands and understand that they just taste a form of freedom. This awareness takes time, and unfortunately, some drop out before reaching their goal. Even today, some believe that release on a forum is an important step in their digital lives, so it is difficult for them to become their own media.

Personally, I’m glad to have taken this step, and my goals have not changed and that is to talk about what interests me.

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