The Story of Einstein

My teacher at elementary school once told me the story of Albert Einstein, the most genius man on the history. She said that Einstein’s teacher told him that he was very stupid. Einstein was sad at that time. But he didn’t give up. As Einstein grew up, he went to study many subjects to choose which one that he likes and avoided the subject he dislikes. By the time he was adult, Einstein learn hard and become the genius man.

I always remember that story and it inspires me to do a lot of things. As a child, I was just like Einstein; I was not smart at anything. I was not good at science or social subjects. I even didn’t well at exercise. But I still tried many things. I tried to take part of drama class, basketball team, and science club. I was still didn’t know what I like and what I good at, but I enjoy myself to did those activities.

After two years I attended high school, I joined a new club named Debate Club. Surprisingly, I became the star of the club. People liked the way I talk and argued in any theme. I won some of debate competition and then decide to go to a law faculty in Miami Florida Colleges.  After graduated, I become a lawyer in my town. The story of Einstein really affects me, and I hope it affects many people too.

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