Throwww, a single blogging platform

Today, more nobody wants to take the lead to set up its platform blog. Many of you choose simplicity. And you’re right! Between updates, maintenance, optimization, and all the troubles that come with a blog takes a lot of commitment. Throwww is a new platform for blogging. The advantage? It is very simple …


If, for you, blogging with simplicity, then Throwww is for you! Landing on the home page, you will find two inserts: the title and the content of the article. As informed earlier, Throwww pushes minimalism at its peak! The editor actually uses a lightweight markup language called Markdown. Thus, 10 buttons are present in the editor as:

When you have finished editing your article, you can choose to publish anonymously, save it, or publish it via your Twitter account. Throwww discovery offers section where you can browse through the articles created by other users.

Do you know Throwww? Do you use this style of blogging platform?

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