Tips to Edit Blog HTML

If you have intention to edit your blog HTML, sometimes you must be encountered some problems, moreover if you are still beginner. No matter is that about difficulties to find certain code, unable to save your HTML, etc. This time, I want to teach you how to handle, at least to reduce your problems which you encountered.

There are some tips to edit your blogger HTML :

1. Backup your template
To backup your template is VERY important because if something undesired happens when you edit HTML, for example if you blog template broken, you can still revert it back. To backup your template is simple. In edit HTML menu, click “Download Full template”, then save the file. You can upload it at anytime you need.

2. Check in “Expand Widget Template” box
Sometimes it forgotten by you. If that box unchecked, probably you will not find the code you looking for. However this step isn’t necessary to do, depend on the tutorial. So, read the instruction carefully.

3. Tips to ease your search
To ease for code searching, copy the code you want to search, then press “Ctrl+F”, paste the code there. This is easier if you use Firefox as your browser.

4. When you face an error message
When you attempt to save your edited HTML then you get an error message, for example :
We were unable to save your template.
Please correct the error below and submit your template again.
Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure….bla bla bla….
Then you must understand that message, what’s wrong with it. Or check back the instruction and start from where you face error. Click “clear edit”.

Maybe that’s all. I’ll be right back with another blogging tips for you. Seeya.


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