Top 10 benefits of blogging

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Many of you have your own blog. You talk about what you want and increase your traffic over the passing days. Family, friends and strangers visiting your blog. In fact, a blog is a way as any to express themselves. Myself, after nearly four years of blogging, I find these small platforms always so attractive. I even created a ranking! Here are my top 10 benefits of blogging


1. You’ll learn 100 times faster

Internet has the gift of being a machine to propel. It allows you to learn 100 times faster than school! I learned more in 4 years of blogging in 15 years of study!

2. You become a better writer / Author

With practice, the human being has the ability to learn. And inevitably, it gets better. Writing is no exception to the rule. Even though I’m far from being good, it is clear that I have improved over time. Writing every day is good.
And as Raymond Queneau said: “This is writing that becomes √©criveron!”

3. Your visibility is increasing

If you are looking to make a name for yourself on the internet, then blogging is a formidable weapon. At the opening of your blog, do not hide behind a fake ID. You will regret it bitterly. Instead, go to a page About your career, your name and why not, your photo. You will surely stand out from the crowd and attract attractive offers!

4. You become an expert in the eyes of your readers

You want to become the Cyril Lignac reproduction of butterflies? Or Harry Roselmack preparing Hot Dog? Or the Valerie Damidot breeding of ants?
Then open a blog! Talk about your passion and you will become over time a mentor.

5. Social networks have no secret for you

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google and many others have no more secrets for you! These social networks are the best allies of bloggers. Eve, sharing, highlighting your content, these beads are stroking in the right direction of the hair!

6. Research your chosen field

Blogger rhymes with … research! And it’s the least we can say. You spend your time poking. Ideas, information, sources, statistics, everything is good to feed the contents of an article.

7. Your creativity is undermined

I am constantly looking for a new article. I love to talk to you for advice or tips, and you reveal the secrets behind the success of a blog. I maintain my creativity daily!

8. Your organization is (almost) perfect

If I had to pick one thing about blogging, it would certainly be this: the organization. I tested many tools before becoming productive. Now, do me a minute to get me to blog for several hours. My day became at the same time very organized icon wink Top 10 Benefits blogging

9. You make friends …

Real or virtual, you become friends and make new ones over time. I talk often with the scallop seller (which I am certainly one to know his name!) Of, Aurica of , and many more.

10. And … the enemy!

Obviously, we do not live in the land of Care Bears! All is not rosy and some players you know. Criticism, insults, plagiarism, unfortunately there are sacred heads con Web (no name huh!).

11. (BONUS) You become a millionaire

Well what? All bloggers earn millions with their blog is well known!

What are the benefits for you to blog?

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