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Soundtracks are an integral part in movies and TV series. At the first note, you can replay the movie in your head. An example: Pulp Fiction would not have become as worship without the unforgettable soundtrack that accompanies! Another one? The soundtrack to the film Saturday Night Fever (written by the Bee Gees) remains in our memories! I could list a lot, but it is best to go for a ride on Tunefind, a free online service to find the music of movies and TV series


Tunefind is a kind of memory aid that allows you to easily find the music of your favorite movies and TV series. This online service offers a huge database with:

  • 51,300 songs
  • 21 300 artists
  • 16,000 episodes and movies

The easiest way to find music is through the search engine located at the top left. Enter the name of the movie or the series and click. Thereafter, click on the title of the song and listen to an excerpt. If you are interested, you can buy directly with iTunes and Amazon links present.

Tunefind know? Do you find this service useful online?

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