Twitter: 10 tips to get your first 500 subscribers

Twitter is a microblogging service still little known to the general public. However, businesses, politicians, celebrities or athletes use Twitter to convey their brand or personal image. And if you also are using this free service to a particular strategy, how would you do it? Here are 10 tips to get your first 500 Twitter followers :


1 . Fill out your profile correctly

How do you follow someone if you know nothing about you or if it discovers that you did not even take 30 seconds to change the default avatar ? (yes , the old rotten egg ! ). Go to the “Preferences ” and fill in at least the “Profile” tab … completely .

2 . Share of the gold content

If you need to remember one thing Twitter is the word : SHARING ! Twitter has built over the years on this single word. Attention when I talk about sharing, I do not mean your personal life. Stop talking about you , we do not care that you ate an apple or that you have gastrointestinal (yes , there is an epidemic right now! ) . Share interesting links, links that instruct your subscribers. Show that a person actually lives behind your avatar !

3 . Do not saturate your newsfeed ( Timeline )

You have only 5 minutes a day to devote to Twitter? Do not worry, everyone spends the time he wants. But I beg you , stop swinging 20 Tweets at once and wait 24 hours to do the same thing ! Do not Gavez your subscribers. Scatter your Tweets . For example, use the extension Hootsuite allows you to schedule your posts to the date and time you want. For more information , see the video tutorial how to plan a Tweet on Twitter. For me, these are two or three Tweets per day , spaced throughout the day.

4 . Check your statistics

Regularly scan your Tweets . You might lose tens of subscribers without you realizing it! Examine your impact , influence and measure everything.
You use one of these tools to get 10 Twitter statistics.

5. Follow trends

Trends on Twitter are the most popular topics of the moment . Many people are very interested in these things so the more you talk of hot topics , the more you have subscribers to your account.

6 . Talk about your blog on Twitter

That is the kind of trick that can make you take off an account . If your item has a nice buzz on Twitter, you can be sure to have several dozen more subscribers . The trick is to find a title clash … As this article for example.

7 . Add buttons ” Follow Me “

Insert buttons ” Follow Me ” on your blog (see the video tutorial how to install the new Twitter Follow button on a blog) , down an email , in a Facebook page, forums , a card etc. . Some people do not hesitate to add you in this way.

8 . Reward your place

Answer to people who ask you information , retweet some messages from your subscribers , get some crap from time to time , in short , are you doing your own place .

9 . Use the search

Looking to get in touch with specific people or a specific subject? Head in the search bar and enter your keywords. Twitter is big enough to get you a nice list of specific results.

10 . Do not protect your Tweets

I have a rule of thumb , I never add someone who protects their tweets. I think not being the only one in this case . Make sure they are not : in ” Preferences” in the “Account” tab, make sure the box ” Protect my Tweets ” is not checked.


Allow time to do things. Do not rush to have the largest number of subscribers. Select them carefully and the rest will be all alone . Spend time on Twitter but abuse .

Would you like to add a tip ? How did you build your subscriber on Twitter?


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