Twitter and Facebook, two different worlds

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Twitter and Facebook are a big part of social networks, and they attract the same people, but with different objectives. A social network is used to express themselves differently depending on the type of network. Twitter and Facebook are social networks, but these are different worlds with their own rules and limitations.

Facebook is what you really are

Most use Facebook to keep contact with their families and have a deeper relationship. The connection is bipolar, although we seek the approval of all. The wealth comes from Facebook you can better know the person with different interests. Some try to protect themselves by creating a false identity with information that seem true. But the more they use Facebook, the more they will be attracted by the same interests. The difference is that one does not hide what we love, but we refuse to admit it.

We do not want to assume the consequences of his actions, but can we call it freedom of expression? Or we can simply say what we think? One problem on Facebook is that you as a traitor if you report abusive behavior. If you see a racist group and that you alert Facebook, it will tell you that you have no right to denounce it because it’s part of the sacrosanct freedom of expression.

In addition, people do not realize the harm they do. Can be seen on YouTube where the majority of comments reflect a deep hatred, we want to offend by any means because it is anonymous. But Facebook allows us to be more real, because it always returns to its interests. These reflect our work, our religion and our personality. Thus, it is moderating, because we do not know if it will come back in the face.

Twitter is that you want to be

The feature on Twitter is totally different because we aspire to something important. It is fascinating to see the daily lives of famous people, and we realize they are not so different. On Twitter, the goal of most is not to create some interesting conversations, but the fact that you noticed by your kind words. Cynicism is pervasive, because you can make fun of everything.

When an exceptional event occurs on Twitter, we want to participate at all costs to avoid being left behind, not having been there at the right time. But interactivity is nonexistent, and you go from link to link. In fact, a tweet is like throwing a bottle into the sea because it can never reach its destination. The message is sent to nobody in particular, and we boast if it generates reactions.

Twitter is dying slowly, I notice the same info by running in a loop, because everything is based on the influence of the person. Twitter in French, the most important topics are politics, new media, journalism and technology. The rest goes directly to oblivion. Oh! there are many small communities that speak, but no one ever notices them, and they can not understand why nobody talks about them.

The mistake is to believe that the right users will always provide good content. These users publish what interests them, and we think that de facto it will also interest us. The result is that we are frustrated over the long term, because nobody will talk about what may really interest you.

Social networks are expanding the way we communicate, but that does not mean that communication is more effective.

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