VLC Tip: How to enable the web interface of VLC and control VLC with a browser

VLC Media Player is one of the most popular multimedia software on the internet. Not only does it allow you to play your multimedia files like videos or music but it also allows you to listen to radio online and convert. In short, VLC is the ideal tool to read, manage, convert your files. This is simply the Swiss Army knife of multimedia …


In addition to all this , VLC has a web interface that allows you to control the VLC player from the web browser. This is what we see today with this tip of the day : how to enable the web interface of VLC and control it with the browser .

To enable web you must follow the following steps this interface :

1 . Start your media player VLC Player.

2 . In the VLC menu , click on “Tools” then “Preferences.”

3 . At the bottom of the Preferences window and exactly under “Settings” , select “All” option.

4 . Click ” Main Interfaces ” , select the “Web” option and click “Save” to save the changes.

5 . Now restart your VLC player.

6 . Visit this address: http://localhost:8080/

“Password for Web interface HAS beens not set. All > Main interfaces > Lua > Lua HTTP > Password.”>Please use- http -password , or set a password in Preferences> All> Main interfaces > Lua > Lua HTTP > Password . ”

So in this case you must set a password for the web interface.

7 . In ” Main Interfaces ” , click ” Lua ” and the password field , type a password of your choice. For example, ” 123 ” and save the changes.

8 . Appointment once again http://localhost.com:8080/ address and enter your password in the field of the small window that appears before you.

Well, you now have access to the web interface of VLC without any worry.

Our tip ends here. If you find it useful do not hesitate to share with your friends !

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