The Walking Dead Season 4: a teaser for the eighth episode!

AMC will broadcast next Sunday on the eighth episode of the fourth season of The Walking Dead . Voltage is at its peak and this is normal since it is not an episode like any other. No, actually , it will mark the end of the first part of the season. In other words, it will take several months to discover the adventures of Rick and the other survivors of his group. An expectation that may be particularly long , either. Still, the chain decided to celebrate this new episode by posting a nice promotional video that should excite you something good.

We must also say that the Governor has returned in better shape than ever. He actually decided to start a war against the inhabitants of the prison, and he does not count obviously go with the back of the spoon as shown in this video. Bring a tank, was daring . Rick and his group may feel it happen, but they hope not to be and we can therefore expect a high color episode … and with a few scattered corpses.
Note the grip of the video puts us in the bath: they all fight, but some fall. In other words, Rick will lose a few more friends. Knowing what happened at the end of last season, no one is immune. Absolutely nobody.

The question is of course whether the writers will as well as for the comic. I’ll avoid saying too much so as not to spoil the reading of the chapter but the prison is probably one of the most striking of the entire collection, with the disappearance of several key characters we thought protected. Besides, if you have the opportunity and if you do not know what to do while waiting for the resumption of the series, and many do not hesitate to order the first volumes because they are truly worth. The last, for that matter …

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