Web Camera360, edit a photo online

Today, there are a large number of image editors that allow you to edit and apply effects to your photos. Whether online , on your computer or on your smartphone , you now have a choice. Web Camera360 is a new service that allows you to edit a photo online
Web Camera360, edit a photo online
Web Camera360 is very simple to use. When you open the site, you can import an image from your computer by clicking the “Upload” button on the home page . Then, the image opens in the Web .

In the sidebar , you will find all the basic editing tools such as cropping, rotating , resizing , exposure , saturation , contrast , sharpness, etc. . The adjustment options are automatically depending on the filter applied.

By clicking ” Save and Share” , you will find other menus such as sharing , comparing with the original photo , and backup.

In conclusion, Web Camera360 is a great online editor. Simple, it allows you to make basic changes . WebCamera360 is also available on iOS and Android.

Do you know WebCamera360 ? What online service do you use to edit a photo ?

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